AV8CH is known for minimal pieces curated to alter confidence. At AV8CH we focus on empowering women to love and feel great in their own skin.

The brand has evolved by distinguishing itself through a unique array of swimwear designs that can be found nowhere else. Our commitment to innovation and creativity has propelled us beyond conventional boundaries, carving a niche in the industry. The essence of our evolution lies in the fusion of one-of-a-kind designs with uncompromising quality.

Each swimwear piece is a testament to our dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail, setting us apart in the swimwear industry. As our brand has evolved, so too has our passion for offering customers not just swimwear, but an unparalleled experience of style, comfort, and exclusivity.

Opening in 2019, while still being a college student at Ai Miami International University of Art & Design, from the parents garage of our then 19 year old fonder, Ana V. Hernandez. We have curated a community of “AV8CH Babes” worldwide (our gorgeous clients), and all of our pieces are in-house designed from our headquarters in Miami, Florida. AV8CH quickly became a well known Swimwear brand.

Ana, now 27, is inspired by woman and woman needs and wants when purchasing a swimwear and resort-wear that not only molds but hugs their latin curves. That’s exactly what she did, curated a brand that makes pieces for real bodies. She wanted to develop designs that as you either saw them or tried them on you knew it was AV8CH. 

If you’re looking for a piece curated with you in mind, you’ve come to the right place! After a couple clicks, you’ll have us at your doors foot steps! 


Our swimwear is designed and creating in limited quantities in Miami, FL. Not only does this ensure you wear an exclusive piece; by creating limited pieces and custom orders, we are reducing our carbon foot print and helping protect our planet.

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